Victorinox Classic Alox Limited Edition Swiss Army Pocket Knife Blade Berry Red


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The fourth edition of Victorinox coveted Alox Limited Edition series comes in an eye-catching berry red colour. It includes the three type of pocket knives Classic, Cadet and Pioneer.Victorinox Classic Alox LE Swiss Army Knife 2018 may be the smallest in size but it's grand in its form and looks.
The berry red Alox scales characterise this year’s edition. The berry-red-hued alox scales are stamped from aluminium, embossed and then anodised in a final working step. The anodic process produces a protective layer by anodic oxidation and gives the scales their colour. This oxide layer is hard and provides for additional protection against damage and corrosion. The colour look dazzlingly and beautiful!
The Berry Red Alox Classic LE packs essentials such as scissors, a blade and a nail file into a slim, compact, eye-catching key ring, pocket or glove compartment tool. The same three models will be released every year in a different colour. Each edition is limited to one year and the corresponding year will be engraved on the back side of the pocked knife. No matter you are collector or one of the Victorinox fan, you can't miss it! Add one of these gorgeous 2018 exclusive Berry Red Alox models to your daily carry, and never be caught unprepared ever again.
This limited edition Swiss Army Knife has the corresponding year engraved on the back of the knife, displaying its exclusivity. It also comes in a beautiful gift box so you can dedicate one to a someone special.

Small blade
Nail file
Screwdriver 2.5 mm
Key ring

This item comes with Lifetime Warranty


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Product Name Victorinox Classic Alox Limited Edition Swiss Army Pocket Knife Blade Berry Red
Brand Victorinox
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