Petkit Eversweet Solo Smart Pet/Cat/Dog Drinking Water Fountain w/Filter - Blue


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Petkit Eversweet Solo Smart Pet Drinking Fountain - Blue

Cats are naturally attracted to moving objects. The specially designed way of spring water spouting and circulating spouts constantly arouses cats’ interest and attention. Flowing water helps cats drink more water.
Four Filtration steps, circulating soft water protecting cats’ urinary system
A variety of professional filter materials added effectively block impurities in the water and remove residual oxygen and heavy metal elements through multiple filtration, processes, while water is flowing all around.
Soft art lighting and a prompt reminder of water shortage
The built-in diffuser makes light brightness just right, and the light will not cause visual fatigue even at night. Three ways together to create sleep-level silence
EVERSWEET SOLO, built in a 5V silent brushless water pump with unique waterway design, reduces the sound of water flow, making decibels as low as 30dB.
Even if the device is placed in the bedroom, you will not be disturbed by noise at night.

Keeps water fresh – unique layered filtration system to remove hair and other impurities.
Smart water fountain. Smart mode option for energy conservation.
Elevated design ideal for dogs with neck or spinal issues.
Silent pump, approx. 30dB. Size: 16 x 16 x 15.8cm. Holds 1.8L water.

100% Indoor use only
Colourful and energetic colours
Soft atmospheric lighting
1.8L water capacity
4-step filtration to remove impurities and heavy metals
Ultra-silent pump (approx.30dB)
Size: 16 x 16 x 15.8cm
Colour: Blue

1 x Eversweet SOLO
1 x Eversweet  filter
1 x Eversweet  filter tray
1 x Eversweet  Water Pump Foam Filter
1 x Eversweet  USB 2.0/3.0 cable; no plug

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