Smart Toilet Seat Automatic Bidet Cover Electronic Heated Massage Washlet Seat

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Anyone who wants their toilet time to be more hygienic and comfortable needs to have an electronic toilet seat. Not only can the toilet seat convert a standard toilet into a bidet in no time, but provide a fantastic way to improve your health and even offer a bit of luxury to your day. The additional customization and convenient features, including massage cleaning, adjustable heat, water pressure and temperature, and drying temperature, make relieving yourself a more enjoyable and relaxing experience. With this heated toilet seat, you don't have to sit on a cold toilet seat in the winter seasons. Further, it gives a wonderful chance to relax the tightness and soreness of muscle groups.

  • Smart toilet seat
  • Front and rear cleaning with feminine care
  • Adjustable water and seat temperature
  • Adjustable washing position
  • Adjustable dryer temperature
  • Six heavy security
  • Oscillating wash
  • Automatic deodorization
  • Massage mode
  • Heated anti-bacterial seat
  • Slow-closing lid
  • IPX4 water proofing
  • Self-cleaning nozzles
  • Water-filtering
  • Energy-saving
  • Night light


AC220 to 240V 50Hz

Rated Power


Water Pressure

0.07 to 0.75 MPa

Water Flow Rate

  • Wash: Max 0.8L/min
  • Bidet: Max 0.75L/min

Water Pressure Control

  • Anus washing
  • Bidet washing

6 Heavy Security

Leakage protection, seat over-temp protection, water temp protection, seat fire protection, dry over-temp protection, anti-dry protection

Safety Device

  • Auto power-saving
  • Temperature controller
  • Temperature sensitive switch
  • Temperature fuse

Soft Seat

The seat and cover fall down slowly when closing

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