Wolves of Croton: The Untold Story of Milo


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With stadiums routinely packed with tens of thousands, the Crotonian Wrestler would enter the arena, then walk the entire oval, amazingly, carrying a full-grown bull across his back. As he paced the track, the imposingly muscular strongman welcomed his cheering fans to slap the loins and tug the tail of his colossal bovine pet. Esteemed for his unfathomable prowess, through progressive adaptations adhering to unorthodox conditioning methodologies, Milo of Croton - whose name remains extant for thousands of years - is revered to be the undisputed strongest man who has ever lived, became the most dominant Olympian Wrestler of all-time, reigning as an undefeated World Champion for an unprecedented 30 years. Regarded by us moderns as the 'Father of Progressive Resistance Training,' Milo incrementally augmented his strength until he gained the ability to lift and carry a full-grown bull. Within the pages of this dual-volume, twenty-book treatise, based on historical accounts, readers learn how Milo accomplished his monumental Wrestling achievements - a career that amazingly endured an unparalleled three decades.An epic odyssey of inspirational and motivational magnitude, 'Wolves of Croton - The Untold Story of Milo' takes its readers on a long journey that details Milo's genetic and epigenetic influencers. You will attend Milo's strength conditioning sessions and Wrestling practices, learn the origins of modern-day strength training and the achievement of peak performance, then step into the arena and watch Milo mangle his opponents inside the pit.Readers will also gain introspective understandings of Milo's relationships with the great Persian King, Darius, and the Master Seer, Pythagoras; learn how Milo motivated his supporters, and discover how his adversaries sought to undermine his success. Then, as the story escalates into yet another peak, you will march onto a battlefield where Milo commands an army comprised of Crotonian athlete-soldiers against a formidable foe of superior numerical advantage. And finally, as this epic tale comes to its conclusion, we will learn how the mighty Milo met his demise.
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